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lobster fishers are paying out traps in Nova Scotia

The Undisputed Smooth Spirit Company

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An Adept brings you an exciting new distillery.

Ultra small batch wonderfulness, 
made entirely from
scratch in Nova Scotia.
No shortcuts.
Just the finest
ingredients infused
with patience,
knowledge and time.

About Us
a canadian laker in a blizzard shining the feeler light

About Our Name

In medieval times salt, highly valued in cold climates was placed at the centre of the table.

Nobility sat above the salt and commoners, those who served at the pleasure of the court, were seated below.

We at Below The Salt are proud to provision your Household.

Our Values

Below The Salt celebrates the Worker whose skilled labour on land and sea provides us with the goods we take for granted daily.


Here at Below The Salt we have been privileged to learn the craft from family run houses in France who have been distilling fine spirits for generations. 

Art & Culture

Our food and drink, language, books, music, visual art and heritage make us who we are. 

At Below The Salt we rejoice in our differences and discover our shared memories.

the shetland islands in the antarctic peninsula

Rene Jordan

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