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Highland Tears

Vodka   |  Organic Northern European Style

They met across a crowded room, eyes crinkle cornered in greeting.

He said, “So you are that short redhead everyone has been telling me about”. She said, “My goodness, whatever took us so long to meet,- and whatever is that big stain on your lovely white shirt?”

The rest as they say was history, herstory, theirstory.

Celebrated volunteers in their riparian community, they can be counted upon to fill a room to tears of joyous laughter, share tears of sorrow, and gosh darn it -throw the best parties for miles around.

A Northern European style vodka with a grassy nose clean taste, and lovely mouth feel. Organic, Vegan and made from the finest Nova Scotian floor malt sprouted the old fashioned way at Horton Ridge in the Annapolis Valley.

When I smelled their sprouted buckwheat I just knew I had that special something to make our vodka stand out from the pack.


With the addition of organic Central American cane sugar we have created a signature sipping vodka that stands tall all on its own yet makes a wonderful addition to your favourite cocktail.

Distiller's Notes

It was never my intention to make a premium vodka.
However that changed when I visited Horton Ridge and encountered their premium traditionally floor malted grain. 
Vodka is essentially distilled beer and having been a brewer for nearly four decades I recognized that I could create something special with their malt. 
Using a combination of their organic buckwheat and barley malt and distilled in our custom designed and built “Natasha” still I have created a premium Northern European inspired sipper. 

TASTING NOTES:  Sweet and grassy on the nose. A smooth and complex mouth feel with a spicy, nutty finish, this is an extraordinary vodka that is worthy of enjoying on its own. Consider pairing it with fish, seafood, traditional pumpernickel bread and pickles.
Oysters anyone?

A Bit About our Label

Below the Salt pic fiend Victoria, created this photo illustration from a wonderful wedding photograph captured by their dear friend Chris Humby at Griquet Newfoundland. Thank-you Chris for allowing us to use this image which we feel is the perfect complement to our brand.

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