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a ship is illuminated in a blizzard

Trois Capitaines

Merchant Navy Rum  |  For the Rum Enthusiast

Gather ‘round, folks, for a tale as rich as the rum it speaks of ! Picture this: three captains, each with their own swashbuckling adventures, all intertwined in the spirited saga of rum-making in Nova Scotia.

First up is our distiller’s progenitor Kapitain Jacob Kölb, a Swiss mercenary at Louisbourg turned rum runner. With a Mi’kmaw bride by his side, he sails the high seas, turning rum into a refined elixir fit for kings.


Then comes Captain de La Ronde, a sneaky smuggler during Prohibition, rolling barrels of molasses like a secret agent and turning them into liquid gold with his Caribbean still.

But our story doesn’t end there, my friends! Enter our modern-day hero, a distiller with dreams as big as the ocean. From childhood adventures in alchemy to sailing the seas and learning the secrets of distillation, he’s like a pirate with a heart of gold. Armed with wisdom from brewing gurus and a taste of Armagnac magic in France, he finally returns home to Nova Scotia, ready to craft his masterpiece.

And what a masterpiece it is! “Our Trois Capitaines Merchant Navy Rum” he calls it is an overproof rum born from Central and South American cane crystals, aged with care using the Solera Method. It’s a fitting honour to the skill and dedication of the modern merchant seafarers who head off to sea to bring us the stuff we all take for granted daily.

So there you have it, folks, a tale of three captains and their rum-filled escapades. Raise your glasses high and toast to their daring deeds and the spirit of adventure that flows in every bottle!

Distiller's Notes

Like the seafarers we honour with this rum - the taste really delivers !

Made and aged the old way, the flavour says yes - a pot still - with an up to date twist to delight the palate. With cinnamon, nutmeg, and chocolate on the nose, clove-forward on the palate this traditionally overproof, Navy Rum is balanced and smooth with a lovely warm lasting finish. Scored 92  at the Global Rum & Cachaca Masters 2024      

A Bit About the Label

Below the Salt Partner Victoria, was aboard ship during a particularly early season blizzard that hammered the east coast while working on her long term project Trading Places. Little did she know that this ship was carrying one of the last loads of gypsum to be shipped from the Little Narrows Gypsum Mine on Cape Breton Island.  The load was rushed as a new front was approaching, and the dock would not take the weight of a fully loaded vessel  heaving in a storm. In tight quarters, the Master and Pilot pivoted the ship about and we steamed out the Narrows with the front swiftly overtaking us from the stern.  Victoria  loves weather and enjoyed every moment of that voyage. 

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