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L'Ardois JaQ

Marc De Canne  |  A flavourful cane spirit

Frost was in the air when the towering Captain set his steadfast crew upon The Quest.

"Ashore, I heard men speak in awe of a glorious copper tub capable of bathing a giant such as me - fully submerged. The Cold is coming. I must find that basin!"

And so, as they tramped from port to port delivering grain, salt, and ore, the crew sent word upon the land.

TIme passed and as the season neared its end. our Captain, shivering in his cabin despaired of ever stretching out properly and warming his weary bones. Then  Newfie Boyd burst through his cabin door - all 4 foot 10 inches of him puffed up with pride. "Skipper. Behold what I have found!"

Later, our Captain well pleased, savoured his tot of rum, stretched out fully and, with a great sigh of contentment, sunk slowly beneath the bubbles.

Our Marc de Canne is a cane spirit - 100% made in house. The base for all of our aged rums, it is reminiscent of cachaca, or a flavourful agricole.

Perfect for your favorite rum cocktails yet smooth enough to savour all on its own.

Distiller's Notes

In the 1980s I worked as a sailboat delivery captain traveling between Canada and the Caribbean. 
In those days I met a lot of distillers who generously shared their craft with me. 
My first experiences tasting the clear liquid running through the spirit safe has always stayed with me. 
The new cane spirit had an interesting developing flavour I associated with rum, but was nothing like the abomination we know as white rum. 
L’Ardois JaQ is your opportunity to savour a young unfiltered rum that has been passed through a barrel just long enough to soften.

TASTING NOTES:  A heady tropical fruit nose with nuances of funk it is reminiscent of a cachaca or pisco. Spicy, full rum flavour with subtle hints of oak. 
Smooth enough to enjoy neat, it makes wonderful rum cocktails. Perfect for a caipirinha, pisco sour, mojito, and even some traditionally tequila based drinks.

A Bit About the Label

When we saw our friend's man-cave seafarer themed bathroom, we just knew we had our next label. Upon returning from sea just before Christmas Lurch  poured his giant frame into the glorious copper tub and his enthusiastic partner Kersten captured the image for us. Victoria used her lovely photograph to create this photo illustration for the label.

Want to know more about the product name? Read about it HERE

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