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Rhumb Line

Amber Rhumb  |  A flavourful cane spirit

For the avid racer, the rhumb line is a dangling temptation – the irresistible Siren whispering upon the wind of risk and reward.

The Siren insists – now whispering with ever greater insistence – you do know it is the shortest distance to the mark - you have the speed – look aft – LOOK AFT behold the fleet behind you !

And just as you and your crew turn heads smugly aft, the Siren shrieks with delight as she lures you unsuspecting, into a
wind shift

or worse
no wind at all.

There you bob, boat wallowing, sails flogging, rigging bouncing, while you helplessly watch the fleet sail by in a wind line just metres away.

For this day, the race is lost.

After the inevitable bout of self flagellation, smiles and collegial banter burst forth to chase away the gloom.  For here is yet another sailors’ tale to laugh over, as friends and fellow racers salute the evening’s fun while lingering over a tumbler of our smoothly, flavourful and ultimately rewarding, amber Rhumb Line.

Rhumb Line is  our  amber rum aged using the Solera Method.

Made from scratch with organic sugar cystal from Central and South America, distilled in an our Adams Patent still it is smooth, fruity,  and has a lingering cocoa finish. Enjoy it neat or in your favourite rum cocktails.

Distiller's Notes

Good rum is never created in a hurry. 
It was our goal at the outset to be known for our specialty rums. 
From passing more than a fortnight in the fermenter, to percolating slowly through our custom Adams Patent double retort, everything we do from start to finish is designed  to enhance flavour.
This is our second rum release - it follows our unfiltered L’Ardois JaQ marc de canne. Using our leapfrog solera technique, we enhance our earlier rum’s flavours further with American and French oak.

TASTING NOTES:  Tropical fruit and sugary rum on the nose.
And is that some form of funk?
Spicy, complex flavour on the palate. Smooth mouth feel leading to woody caramel and a lovely oak finish with hints of chocolate and spice. 
A smooth sipper, savour it all on its own or in your favourite rum cocktails.

A Bit About the Label

This image has its origins in the summer of 2010. On a gusty evening in June while banging around the race course in Toronto's Outer Harbour,  Victoria stole a moment to capture Henry as he takes a wave while driving on the low side, to the windward mark. They campaigned their boat Fantome with a hearty crew of six .

A Burgess R Class design, she was built in Oslo in 1924. Forty feet in length, 26 foot waterline,18 inch freeboard and designed in an age when motors were not a necessity for a day racer of her size,  she was a cherished  “family member requiring botox and liposuction” for thirty years. 
This is the same class of boat that the famed Nova Scotia photographer, Wallace MacAskill sailed out of the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron in the 1930s and 40s. In the 1980s, Victoria & Henry would race against the Highlander on Lake Ontario sadly ignorant of her history.

While Highlander sadly disintegrates in a field, Fantome lives on with new owners in upstate New York.

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