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Our Amber Rhumb Line is being likened to a single malt Whiskey- what's that about?

This past weekend, three customers tasting our Amber rum for the first time - all confirmed whiskey aficionados'- exclaimed "WOW this is just like a single malt whiskey!"

In rum speak this translates to " So smooth and yummy !"

And they purchased a bottle, amazed that they were taking home a rum to enjoy and share with friends.

Rhumb Line is our second rum release - following our unfiltered L'Ardois JaQ marc de canne. Using our leapfrog solera technique, we enhance our earlier rum's flavours further with American and French oak.

Tasting Notes: Tropical fruit and sugary rum on the nose. And is that some form of funk?

Spicy, complex flavour on the palate. Smooth mouth feel leading to woody caramel and a lovely oak finish with hints of chocolate and spice.

Definitely a smooth sipper to enjoy all on its own or in your favourite rum cocktails.

Now that July is here, we are getting closer to having our tasting room open.

We poured the pad June 30th and this week we erect the building. Our neighbours are excited and in good Nova Scotian style folks are honking horns when passing by and seeing us hard at work.

We cannot thank the Bennet crew enough for coming by on a Friday late afternoon before a long weekend to get this done. Amazing team work !

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