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Our Newest Product has Arrived - YAY !


L'Ardois JaQ is a likeable rogue.

Tramping the oceans, delivering goods and always chasing The Tale. (not tail, you naughty folks)

If you live on Cape Breton Island you may be familiar with the village L'Ardoise. Pronounced "Lardways" it always gives us a chuckle.

More importantly, we have a special fondness for L'Ardoise as it was where Thomas Clannon built the 1929 R Class sloop Highlander for the avid yachtsman Wallace MacAskill (1887-1956) - a much revered photographer of Nova Scotian seascapes .

in the mid 1980's Below The Salt partner and photographer - Victoria, raced against the Highlander on her R Class boat Fantome.

How great is that !

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